Loox Custom Light Bar Configurator from Häfele

Häfele’s Loox5 LED Lighting System is the ultimate lighting solution for all your commercial and residential projects. From kitchens and bathrooms to offices, living rooms, lobbies and beyond, Loox5 was created to be the most designer- and installer-friendly system available in the industry. Its plug-and-play assembly makes it easy to specify and incorporate into any space. Loox light bar lighting options are available in monochrome, tunable multiwhite or RGB varieties. These options can also be ordered for your project from stock or on a completely custom basis, depending on which option best suits your needs.


Loox Light Bar lights from stock

Furthermore, you can of course fall back on our complete lighting range. In the shop you will also find a selection of predefined light bar lights and you can order them directly from stock.

Shop Loox Light Bar Lights from Stock


LED Lighting Customization through Service+

Häfele offers one of the most designer- and installer-friendly lighting systems in the industry with our Loox LED lighting system. Combining Loox with Service+ makes adding efficient, brilliant LED lighting to any of your projects simple and efficient.

Lighting related products and services offered through Service+ include:

  • Cut-to-size light bars with your choice of:
  • color temperature
  • inline or exterior switching
  • extrusion width and mounting angle
  • diffused lens type
  • option to daisy chain light bars
  • Custom lighting kits or sets including all necessary fixtures, switches, cables and drivers

All assembled light bars or fixtures are quality tested prior to packing and shipment to the customer.

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