Häfele Deco Collection

Function and aesthetics go hand in hand – with artful results

Whether it's fashion, your own home or innovative furniture designs – it's not just the balanced interplay of design and materials that touches our senses. Often it is the smallest details that make the difference, that trigger a feeling and strengthen our sense of well-being. This is also evident in the Deco 2023 collection, created by renowned designers such as Sascha Sartory, Francesco Buzzo and Serena Lambertoni. They have all made it their mission to combine high usability with modern aesthetics. References from past decades are echoed – and yet every handle is a contemporary design of the 21st century. Innovative, valuable in the best sense of the word and ready to help our time to express itself.

H23 Deco Collection Highlights

With the Deco Collection 2023, Häfele presents a compendium of innovative design ideas. From handles with a soft, hand-flattering feel to one-of-a-kind pieces in a rough industrial style to icons in the style of a modern classic. But as multifaceted as the designs are, they are united by the intention of bringing design and function together at the highest level. With this in mind, let yourself be surprised and inspired. Join us on an exciting design journey that invites you to see, but also to feel and understand!

Corvo Collection – Haptics that inspire

The longing for individuality is a modern facet of luxury. Your own home should be homely, unique and authentic. A retreat with one-of-a-kind pieces that increase in value the longer they accompany us. Like these elegant handles, which combine modern aesthetics with tactile properties. The distinctive Knurling structure is an eye-catcher and at the same time a haptic experience that will be remembered.

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Fossetta Collection – Modern elegance

The classic furnishing style – interpreted in a modern way. The soft, oval curves are pleasing to the eye and transform our home into a harmonious and comfortable oasis of well-being. The soft, convex back provides a pleasant grip. The concave front conjures up fascinating light reflections in the room. Furniture fronts shine in new splendour.

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Svelte Collection – The Art of Reduction

Modern and timeless like the Scandinavian style of living. At first glance, the overall shape is simple, the design straightforward and clear. The conical shape lends both the handle and the pommel their concise character and aura of something special. This is how the design classics of tomorrow are created – visually present and reliable in terms of function and quality.

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Sancerre Collection – Living style

They are the jewels that turn furniture into icons, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. Inspired by the image of a leaf whose neatly cut frame is bent backwards, these precious objects were created. Unique, unmistakable, elegant.

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H21 Deco Collection Highlights

Many talk about designer styles without always naming the designers. For us, names like Addison Weeks, Matthew Quinn, Ken Harroff, Belwith Keeler, Satory Design and Mario Mazzer, mean inspired elegance which you’ll only experience through the Häfele Exclusive line of handles, knobs and pulls. Each of these contemporary to transitional pieces has been meticulously crafted to be something new, entirely on trend and can only be had through Häfele.

These inspired pieces from designers based in the U.S. as well as from around the world are sure to be must-have additions to projects in kitchen, furniture, office or practically anywhere else. Matt and brushed gold or black finishes give these pieces a timelessly elegant appeal. This 70+ piece selection is available in a wide variety of lengths to accommodate an extensive range of needs.

The new models show you a wide range of ideas. Impressive character actors for an elegant appearance. Personalities that convince with a sophisticated play of light and shadow on the furniture front. Handles with soft curves and a hand-flattering feel that are celebrating the comeback of organic shapes in furniture design. But also lines that are clear, simple and functional in the best sense of the word.


H23 Brochure

Häfele’s Twenty Three collection inspires with the latest urban, modern and mid-century modern styles. Each offering has been created expressly by designers … for designers.

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H21 Brochure

Häfele Worldwide partnered with designers around the globe to create proprietary, transitional-to-contemporary collections, tailored to the needs of our market.

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