Dialock - Controlling Access Down to the Smallest Flap

The areas of application for the Dialock identification and access control system are simply limitless. Whether in hotels, industry, hospitals or at home: every conceivable door, flap, drawer or even tambour door can be secured to current standards — touchless and maintenance-free thanks to modern transponder technology.

Easy. Convenient. Reliable.

Dialock is designed for maximum convenience for your guests — and you. Using RFID technology makes locking and unlocking amazingly easy. And Dialock is easy to configure, easy to network with other property management systems and easy to operate.

Using Dialock ensures:

  • Touchless key card convenience for guests and staff
  • Secure locking, unlocking, billing, login on and off
  • Centralized control by combining systems and components with Dialock
  • Easy conversions or extensions of your system as your property changes
  • Professional service during planning and operation

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